About JPG

3 people, 3 countries, one channel. This channel is focused around 3 different people who play video games, we publish a video every day with each person publishing twice a week and with a large collaboration video on Sunday. Content is always fresh with every person focusing on different series and different games. It allows us to produce the high level content every day for our viewers to enjoy.

Our upload schedule and our content makes us unique to youtube. If you want to know more, come and say hi on our forums at www.tntuniverse.co.uk or join our teamspeak (details on the website.)

Who are we ?

TNTuniverse is a small gaming group, for people who speak english. We have been around since late 2011 and we have a fun, tight knit group of gamers. We all enjoy playing games together and chatting to each other. People join us to have someone to talk to while gaming or to find like minded people who game. We are here to give people enjoyment by giving them the opportunity and resources (forums and teamspeak) to meet others and have fun.

What games do we play ?

The games set below, are the games that we are semi-organised for or many of us play on a regular basis. Members play lots of other games as well however. Many a time have I played Wargame Red Dragon with members, or played minecraft with feed the beast.

Planetside 2: Small operations as a group, squad sized and smaller. Occasionally we run public platoons. We are in the New Conglomerate.

Arma3 : These operations are run by a different gaming group, Five Combat Recon, you can find their website here.

How to get involved ?

Just sign up to the forums and join teamspeak :D